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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Valve clicking in the General forums; Phil, thanks, I thought it was more complicated than that. Best wishes....
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    Re: Valve clicking

    Phil, thanks, I thought it was more complicated than that. Best wishes.
    Larry tscharner!
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    Re: Valve clicking

    Or if you are an industrious kind of person and have some carpet remnant and super glue laying around, try pulling off some of the fuzzy from the carpet and glue it to the worn part of the old felt. You are really lucky if you can find carpet to match the felt color. I did have matching carpet so decided to try gluing this on my second offset valve cap that was clicking on my Olds Recording. I am proud to say that the horn is once again playing flawlessly. Wish I could say the same for the trumpet player/maverick valve technician owner of this fine horn. And I did save a trip to my horn technician.
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    Re: Valve clicking

    I had the felts & corks replaced on my alto horn. He did it while I waited. Cost $3. Cost for gas: $20.
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    Kudu Shofar.

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    Re: Valve clicking

    Felts are definately not the same. I bought a Getzen Super
    Deluxe from the 50's and the previous owner said that he had it "refurbished" prior to my purchase. The so-called refurbishment was toatally useless and their was a big valve-alignment problem because the wron felts were used. As for your clicking problem I would put my money on old compressed felts. replace them with the correct ones and the clicks will disappear.

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    Re: Valve clicking

    Ok thanks. I think I'll just take it to a music repair shop so I don't mess something up

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