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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Valve Issues in the General forums; Thanks for the reminder of the Blitz cloth. I use them often, but just for slides or raw brass finishes....
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    Re: Valve Issues

    Thanks for the reminder of the Blitz cloth. I use them often, but just for slides or raw brass finishes.
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    Re: Valve Issues

    I've only got one horn I use it on the valves (Jupiter pocket). Cleans nasty sluggish slides quickly (faster than you can run warm water).
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    Re: Valve Issues

    Quote Originally Posted by LuckilyCarolyn View Post
    Well, I had it professionally cleaned and checked out in a shop about....2 and a half months ago. So I think we can rule out any major spring problems- And if I somehow managed to ding all 3 valves on the same day....Hoo boy. That would be impressively awful.

    I think I might be able to get my horn to my dorm's communal kitchen today- and hopefully not have any angry neighbors sitting around waiting to wash dishes while I clean a trumpet-- if that fails, I'll be back.

    On the prevention route- do you think my problem is my valve oil? I like Al Cass Fast because it does work really quickly- but I have noticed that even when my valves get dry, theres a bit of a residue left on them. Thoughts? Ideas?
    You just diagnosed the problem. You let your valves get DRY!.Well the residue left gums up your valves. Also letting the valves dry out can cause the casing to start to corrode. I would clean them out like this. Go to your local music store and buy some Ailysin solvent - cleaner for brass instruments. Take the pistons out and the bottom valve caps off. Spray the cleaner into the casing. take a casing cleaning rod and a cotton rag and swab out the casing. repeat until completely clean. Spray pistons and wipe off. Repeat until clean. oil valves generously. Now from now on OIL VALVES EVRY DAY THAT YOU PLAY. No more problems.
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