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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Valve Lapping in the General forums; many thanks Brekelefuw, I will see if I can get this Hetmanīs oils here. (as you get older, your horns ...
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    Re: Valve Lapping

    many thanks Brekelefuw,

    I will see if I can get this Hetmanīs oils here.
    (as you get older, your horns get older , and if you donīt have $€$ , bad thing..)

    so: the Yamaha light oil is for the actual high-tech-horns and the Yamaha antique-oil for the old trash ?

    I just made a (maybe brutal) experiment :
    3 drops of Al Cass oil + 1 drop of "3-in-1"-oil (I know this product is not -especifically- made for horns) , over a valve of an old Getzen flugel is working cool (for now) : softy...

    same mix on a Benge valve just makes all very stiky...

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    Re: Valve Lapping

    Yes, I believe the antique is the thickest.
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    Re: Valve Lapping

    For just slight lapping, my professor recommended the following:

    1. Take out your pistons
    2. Lathe Lava Soap on your hands and apply it to your pistons
    3. Take off your valve bottom caps and put your pistons upside down through the bottom opening
    4. Gently slide the piston up and down. If it moves smoothly, then just wash off the soap and all is well. Otherwise, keep sliding it up and down until it gets smooth

    My out-of-the-bach Strad from the warehouse made during the strike was so bad that I had to force the valves and "lap" them with the lava soap application until it was "just right"

    Now it's super smooth with flawless compression. If you have a crappy strike-era Bach Strad, you should definitely try this.

    Otherwise, I'd listen to rowuk and take his word that if your pistons need lapping, it's a bigger problem then just needing to lap your valves...

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    Re: Valve Lapping

    My Yammie had 2 valves that would experience a slight bit of "chatter" as the pistons were depressed. Took the horn to the UNT Brass Shop and had all valves and slides custom lapped. Wow! what a difference. Silky smooth, and still has great compression.
    A friend sold his Xeno because of constant valve issues.

    Find a good shop in your area and have them fix you up. My total cost for this was less than $70.
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