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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Which Valve Oil & Why in the General forums; I use blue juice. Blue juice doesn't evaporate too quickly and makes the valves pretty fast. To answer the question ...
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    Re: Which Valve Oil & Why

    I use blue juice. Blue juice doesn't evaporate too quickly and makes the valves pretty fast. To answer the question earlier of whether blue juice is synthetic-No; it says on the back of the bottle that it is petroleum based.

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    Re: Which Valve Oil & Why

    There has been some constructive information related during this discussion. I have compiled the data that many of you have given and passed it on to the student responsible to the "debate". Being a ChemE major, he is going to attempt to analyze the valve oil products we can get our hands on and develop a comparison and rate the products.

    When the project is completed I will post the results.

    Once again, thank you for your input.
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    Re: Which Valve Oil & Why

    Berp Bio Oil. My instructor turned me on to it.....was the ONLY thing that solved a sticking third valve on my '46 Martin Committee.

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    Talking Re: Which Valve Oil & Why

    Quote Originally Posted by gbdeamer View Post
    I usually forget mine so i borrow from other people. Most work the same...

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