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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Valve spring sound? in the General forums; So I just got this trumpet today, it sounded AWESOME! But one thing that I noticed was that the first ...
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    Valve spring sound?

    So I just got this trumpet today, it sounded AWESOME!

    But one thing that I noticed was that the first valve had a spring sound when pressed down. It goes "pop-ing-ingg-inngg" and when it releases it goes "ping-ing-ing-ingggg-innng"

    Should I be worried about this?

    Also this valve has the most resistance when pressing down than the other valves

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    Re: Valve spring sound?

    I wonder if any of the responses to this thread might relate to your observation: (Valve clicking)


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    Re: Valve spring sound?

    Thanks for that!

    But for me my problem I'd the spring sound not the clicking sound

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    Re: Valve spring sound?

    Swap that spring onto one of the other two valves and see if the sound transfers - you might have a rogue spring - could be worthwhile renewing them all? It might also be that the spring is somehow distorted and is rubbing on the casing.

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    Re: Valve spring sound?

    Sounds like the spring is either installed incorrectly or someone has stretched it. Take the valve out and check if the ends of the spring are seated where they should be. Then look at it, both extended and compressed to see if it has any sideways distortion. Take all three out and compare their lengths. Many times, a spring someone has stretched will make noises and the valve will be more stiff. Could even be a different type of spring in that one valve.
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    Exclamation Re: Valve spring sound?

    Depending on the horn, you can probably buy an entire "valve rebuild kit" with felts, springs, corks, valve guides, etc. off e-bay for less than $30! You can DIY in less time than driving back an forth to the repair shop.
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