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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Valve venting... in the General forums; Originally Posted by Sethoflagos Nothing incorrect in this statement. In fact, I routinely work with systems up to, and sometimes ...
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    Re: Valve venting...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sethoflagos View Post
    Nothing incorrect in this statement. In fact, I routinely work with systems up to, and sometimes exceeding, 10,000 psi.

    However, (donning my process safety hat) the untrained must always be warned that the human body may be compromised surprisingly easily by pressures as low as 5 psi. I have the literature. It is not to be viewed by persons of weak constitution.
    Of course. I didn't mention about using proper safety gear. I always wear hearing protection and eye protection, and never point the air hose or the tubing I am drying at my face. I also never put the hose on my skin because it can force air in to your blood, which will make you very unhappy.
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    Re: Valve venting...

    Quote Originally Posted by trumpetsplus View Post
    Whilst blocking the hole in the bottom cap with your thumb, work the valve up and down. The action of the valve will not change. If it does, you need to claim a new valve from the maker.
    If there's a hole in the bottom cap to allow air in and out at the bottom of the valve, and a gap at the valve stem on the other end to let the air in and out at the top, why does the piston need to allow air to pass through it?

    My Conn 80A, my Getzen 700 and even my Chinese pocket trumpet work as you've described, but none of the three valves on my flugelhorn appear to pass any air -- they barely move with the bottom cap hole plugged. Yet with the holes unplugged, the valve action is fine.
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    Re: Valve venting...

    Quote Originally Posted by Bugle Bandito View Post
    ..I can't sleep nights untill I get another valve...
    For me, the brought-back-from-the-dead valve would be more appealing than an undamaged one. Provided it indeed does work just as well.

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