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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Variety within a trumpet section in the General forums; Originally Posted by J. Jericho ... Imagine yourself doing a standing backflip with an 18"-to-24" hat on. ... Imagine doing ...
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    Re: Variety within a trumpet section

    Quote Originally Posted by J. Jericho View Post
    ... Imagine yourself doing a standing backflip with an 18"-to-24" hat on. ...
    Imagine doing - that's all I can do, as actually doing is beyond my capability.

    Drum Major -- I thought they only lead bands during straight marching, but wikipedia informs me thus: "Many college bands have drum majors who are very much part of the visual element of a field show. Rather than conduct as a corps-style drum major would, traditional drum majors often march on the field with the band, using a mace or baton to keep time and flourish their own movements."


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    Re: Variety within a trumpet section

    You can't blow it if you haven't lived it.

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    Re: Variety within a trumpet section

    I say NO flugelhorn in a trumpet section. The problem is that the thicker sound simply screws up the section sound. I could care less if someone loves the flugelhorn or not, it is a different instrument and does not serve the intentions of those that score registers.

    To integrate the flugelhorn sound would require a section of them and very careful reworking the score to effectively use the sound.

    It wasn't so long ago when band music had separate cornet and trumpet parts. Even then, the flugel would have been a very weak replacement for the cornet.

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    Re: Variety within a trumpet section

    Now that I have some feedback, I realize that marching a flugel would not be such a great idea unless there were more flugels, and with a band our size, having a flugel section is impractical. Thanks for the feedback, and I look forward to participating in more trumpet discussion!

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    Re: Variety within a trumpet section

    We have a lot of charts where one or more of the lower trumpet parts list flugelhorn for the piece. Almost like it's a mute switch.

    Most of the time, we all just use bucket mutes. It's not the correct sound, but if we mix flugels and buckets, the intonation problems come out like this equation: (mute makes everything sharp + flugel intonation quirks + 3rd/4th community band trumpet player intonation funkiness).

    All that having been said, my perspective is that if your leader doesn't have a clear enough concept of the sound they want and how to go about getting it, it probably doesn't matter all that much what people play, or how well.
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