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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Varying Tone in the General forums; I may be one of the few that deals with this, Has anyone ever had airy or uneven tone depending ...
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    Red face Varying Tone

    I may be one of the few that deals with this,

    Has anyone ever had airy or uneven tone depending on time of day, state of mind, or just will to play?

    Sometimes Ill have any airy tone early in the morning even after a 30 minute warmup up of long tones, lip slurs, and rest period.

    Any tips for a solid tone consistency?
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    Re: Varying Tone

    Sometimes I get a weird sound at my lip/mouthpiece that carries through the horn. I can't get rid of it all matter what mouthpiece or what horn. I don't like playing when this happens and I put the horn down. The next day I won't have that sound. This happens for a day or so every few months. I don't think or worry about it too much.
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    Re: Varying Tone

    Airy sometimes yes, uneven - never.

    Crap breathing = uneven
    Crap chops = airy

    Even although I play a lot, sometimes I just have too much on my plate and the next day I fight with air in my sound until I have beaten them back into submission.

    Others can have air because their chops were never good. Of course everything in between also applies................
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    Re: Varying Tone

    I would use the old trick of getting my students to reproduce the unwanted sound at will, ask them how they reproduced it, and tell them to stop.

    It works!
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    Re: Varying Tone

    It happens to me from time to time. I have learned not to stress over it. Play through it. It will pass. It seems to happen less often as I continue to practice over time.
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