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Trumpet Discussion Discuss VERY IMPORTANT M.U. MEETING In LONDON - Virtual Orchestra in the General forums; Originally Posted by Kenzo Noel, Glad to see our friends in London are taking a stand. I was walking the ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenzo

    Glad to see our friends in London are taking a stand. I was walking the "line" during the Broadway strike and the support we received from the "Ticket Buying" public was amazing. The theatre-going public really did seem to want live musicians. I hope that really is the case.

    One of the keys to our (Broadway Musician's and Local 802s) success was the support of Actor's Equity AND IATSE (stage hands). I heard (cannot confirm) that by shutting things down they were unable to work some of the "bugs" out of the VO.

    The bigger factor is the use of VO in cities other than New York and London. Touring productions that visit smaller cities and venues pose as much a threat as in NY and London. Each time producers use VO in a city like Hartford, Buffalo, Scranton, etc. it only feeds the monster and they will try to use it constantly.

    We, in New York, were able to secure orchestra minimums for a 10 year period, surely we will have another battle at the expiration of this agreement. For those who think there are "walkers" there are not any on Broadway. Every musician has a part to play. Musicians are NOT hired to just show up and sit there.

    I also believe that we must let the public know that the minimum number of musicians is, in all reality, the maximum.

    Sorry if I am on the soapbox. Not my intent. I am happy to see the actions of our colleagues in London and wish you all the best.

    The funny thing about "walkers' is that they were usually relatives of the producers, girlfriends, idiot sons and the like
    Very few walkers were actual#802 guys.
    Hang in there.

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    Thank you for elaborating. I enjoy reading your posts and hearing of your experiences.

    All the Best!
    Kenny Roe

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