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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Wait... Cleaning? in the General forums; I've just finished cleaning my brand new Harrelson (arrived on Monday) - it didn't sound or look like it needed ...
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    Re: Wait... Cleaning?

    I've just finished cleaning my brand new Harrelson (arrived on Monday) - it didn't sound or look like it needed it but I was surprised how much "manufacturing swarf, and fines, and stuff" cleaned out. Not a huge amount I admit, but enough to see. This will always be the case with new equipment even high quality hand built instruments simply because, for the manufacturer, time is of the essence, and because I'm particularly careful with any new acquisition. You get to "know" your instrument if you bathe it (much like a new baby) and the process allows you to keep a very close eye on it's inevitable deterioration over time and to deal with necessary maintenance in a timely manner.

    In my workplace we wash B747s once a week - just like my car - they are hand washed and some maintenance tasks are carried out as a direct result of the process.

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    Re: Wait... Cleaning?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nikv View Post
    Thank you for posting this.
    This is exactly what made me question it!

    I do happen to clean my trumpet about once every couple months, but it can be quite a hassle. I was actually searching online to find out if there was information on an easier way to clean your trumpet (there wasn't), and I came across that, and it got me... Well... Nervous.

    I'm glad I can confirm that I'm doing something right!

    Cleaning a horn is not a hassle, it is the opportunity to give it TLC. You see if the valves are wearing, how tight the tuning slides are, how often you did not brush your teeth..................................
    I feel really good when I know that my horn is optimally tuned for making the best music that I can.
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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