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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Waiting on the mailman... in the General forums; I left a job on not the best terms and didn't realize that I still had a shipping address set ...
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    Re: Waiting on the mailman...

    I left a job on not the best terms and didn't realize that I still had a shipping address set to that location in eBay (or PayPal, I can't remember which). When the item didn't arrive at my home I had to track it down, and then go pick it up at my former job. There was a bit of awkwardness as they thought it was something I ordered for the company before I left, and besides, I didn't even want to be there. Just an uncomfortable situation all around but it was eventually sorted out.

    After that I made a point of becoming familiar with how eBay and PayPal work.

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    Re: Waiting on the mailman...

    Quote Originally Posted by stumac View Post
    We have no mail delivery in our town, we pick up our mail at the post office.

    Last tuesday for the first time the post office rang to say my trumpet had arrived, a 1931 Conn New Era 58B, unfortunatly my wife answered the phone and I had some explaining to do. As it was my birthday I got away with it.

    Regards, Stuart.
    Just because you live in Australia and have the luxury of a Post Office Box, you've got nothing on me ... we've got one also. Although, it's a mere 2 1/2 blocks from me (approx 1/4 mile) I'm unable to walk that far and back home. This makes me eligible for rural delivery, but we prefer the security of the box. One difference, the clerk doesn't phone when any package arrives ... they send e-mail notice. Although I live in a North Carolina county seat, it only has a 2006 Census of only 700 ... not enough for home delivery .... now my question. Why do we have 2,000 boxes and most of them are in use?

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    Re: Waiting on the mailman...

    Quote Originally Posted by doug finch View Post
    What bugs me is when is when you go out for 10 minutes and when you return find the card that says the postman has tried to deliver and you must collect from the post office, which of course closes at 1 o'clock, and as you have to leave an hour for the postman to return to the office, is always too late. DF
    Hi Doug,

    It gets worse when the notice of failed delivery happens at 1 p.m. on a Saturday. We are be told that the undeliverable parcel may be claimed at the main post office the next business day which is usually a Monday. Then you realize that Monday is an official holiday. Yikes! How you have to wait from Saturday to Tuesday.

    It then becomes a good time to work on the virtue of patience and learn to be content to practice your other horns.

    Best wishes,


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    Re: Waiting on the mailman...

    Quote Originally Posted by lmf View Post
    It gets worse when the notice of failed delivery happens at 1 p.m. on a Saturday.
    I would camp out by the mailbox.
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    Re: Waiting on the mailman...

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    I ordered a Monette mouthpiece and German customs got ahold of it. They didn't believe that a mouthpiece could cost that much and wouldn't accept the original invoice because it was not in german. I told them of a couple of websites where they could check pricing. They refused to. Then came time for the "this is not good for your career" line. I demanded to see the boss who also wasn't cooperative. I then left the office and without informing the idiots went to the bosses boss and filed a written complaint. The mouthpiece was released in minutes.
    That sucks, are german custom guys like that in general?

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    Re: Waiting on the mailman...

    I had a horn shipped UPS to my home that required a signature for delivery. I got home a half hour after he had shown up, and found a note on my door that said it had been left with a neighbor. That would've been fine if it was the neighbor on the other side, but the neighbors they left it with were new and I had not even met them yet, and on top of that they had gone out! After an agonizing hour wait my new neighbor came over with the box and introduced herself. Thankfully they are a very nice couple, and aside from the occasional loud party have been very easy to deal with.
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    Re: Waiting on the mailman...

    Quote Originally Posted by a marching trumpet View Post
    That sucks, are german custom guys like that in general?
    Not in general. Do have my own horror story returning to Germany with my wife and two small kids, missing the flight from Frankfurt to Stuttgart because of a delay in Chicago, being sent via train, and sitting through a four hour intense search after being on our feet for 37 hours.

    Had I told the customs official he was acting like a Nazi, or spoken my desire that he enjoy his time in the afterlife where evil people go it could have cost me $4500.

    Nothing against the Germans--I suspect all countries have good and bad folk working at all levels. Lucky for me I was only bringing German trumpets back--I might still be sitting at the Hauptbanhof in Stuttgart!
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