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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Warburton Horns in the General forums; As I was on the Warburton Website ordering a mouthpiece, I noticed that they now sell horns. (it's been a ...
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    Warburton Horns

    As I was on the Warburton Website ordering a mouthpiece, I noticed that they now sell horns. (it's been a while since I ordered a new mouthpiece)

    Rowuk, I know it is the player and not the horn. However, has anyone ever played any of these horns? The fluegal in particular.

    I was wondering if they are quality or junk.
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    Re: Warburton Horns

    I havent played one and dont know anyone who owns one but I realy doubt that Terry would allow his name on anything poor quality. Best wishes.
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    Re: Warburton Horns

    Do they still sell instruments? I don't see them on the website anymore.

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    Re: Warburton Horns

    I played a Warburton trumpet once that belonged to a was a nice horn! Definitely not junk.

    I'm not sure if it's the same with the newer ones...I think this was a prototype from quite a while ago (whatever that means).

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