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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Warm down routine in the General forums; Originally Posted by Vulgano Brother I'll agree with Robin about the "killer gigs," and those are seldom. Philip Glass, Bach's ...
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    Re: Warm down routine

    Quote Originally Posted by Vulgano Brother View Post
    I'll agree with Robin about the "killer gigs," and those are seldom. Philip Glass, Bach's complete Christmas Oratorio, Orff's Carmina Burana, Holst's Planets...

    After those a bit of fluttering the lips can help for the next day. We Vulgani used to test the condition of our lips after a hard session with whiskey--the lips would burn if we had played loud enough, then we'd go to the chemical warmdown of Carmex and beer.
    After Philip Glass gigs I move more quickly. I put the horn in the case and run from the studio.......Philip always wanted "Just one more take."
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    Re: Warm down routine

    Sometimes I"ll do the pedal exercise #3 in the Claud Gordon
    approach to daily practice as a warm down.Also I"ll buzz my lips without the mouthpiece to some jazz tunes on the way to work in the car (station 88.3)for around 15 mins in the morning.When I do this my tone is at its best for that days practice.

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    Re: Warm down routine

    I`ve played tons of big band jazz gigs with alot of well known muscians and never saw [heard] anyone warm down.

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    Re: Warm down routine

    Ok, thanks for the replies. I hadn't heard anything about warming down either, but I think I read something about it here, and I was just curious about it. The cold beer after playing sounds good to me too
    Thanks again

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    Re: Warm down routine

    I end my practisedays with soft, looong and low tones for at least 15 minutes. If I don´t the next day will honestly be more difficult. I didn´t really care about it before but I started after Jouko Harjanne recomended it to me. The sound is the most thing that benifits for me if I warm down or Cool down or what ever we call it :0)

    If I only play for example 60 minutes one day then I skip the worm down but If I practise 3-4 houers then I do it.


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    Re: Warm down routine

    Quote Originally Posted by Aerotrom View Post
    I always warm up playing some scales and the warm up pages of the Stamp method, but I usually donĀ“t warm down, I just try to relax my chops with some pedals or long tones played softly (and resting between each one of them), but I don't really have an idea of a real warm down exercise, so that's my question: what would a warm down routine look like?
    YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT MAN! lol. anyways, go like blllehhhhh like your sticking your tongue out like a five year old and making fun of know...stick out your tongue go bllhhhghhg your lips should vibrate up and down and this is a warm down routine i'm not making this up it works

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