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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Water Cleaning damages laquer? in the General forums; Originally Posted by TonyM My Grandson's trumpet teacher says NOT to put the trumpet in water, because it will "wear ...
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    Re: Water Cleaning damages laquer?

    Quote Originally Posted by TonyM View Post
    My Grandson's trumpet teacher says NOT to put the trumpet in
    water, because it will "wear off the laquer."

    We cleaned it about a month ago by:

    Buying a cleaning kit from music store.

    Removing all the slides, valves and valve caps.

    Filling the kitchen sink with 6" of lukewarm water and
    a few drops of dish soap

    Putting the trumpet componets - except for the valves
    in the sink. Letting it sit for about 15 minutes while we
    cleaned the valves and caps by hand with a brush and
    some of the soap in the sink.

    After 15 minutes, removed trumpet compents, ran clear
    warm water thru horn and slides until soad removed and
    then ran a snake through all the components.

    Wiped off part of exterior compents with a soft cloth.

    "Polished" a bit with polishing cloth from cleaning kit.

    So, is the trumpet teacher right or is the process as
    described above OK?


    How did the cleaning you described work for you?

    Sounds like you did fine!

    If people aren't to safely "bathe" their horns, then what method does the music teacher suggest to keep the horn clean inside and outside?

    Best wishes,


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    Re: Water Cleaning damages laquer?

    I actually take showers with my horn sometimes. Just take the valves/slides out, and bring some silver polish into the shower with me

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