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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Water on lead pipie in the General forums; If the tube is too loose it can be (most times quite easily) expanded. I would check first to make ...
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    Re: Water on lead pipie

    If the tube is too loose it can be (most times quite easily) expanded. I would check first to make sure that there is no air leakage. Interesting that this syndrome gets reported more often in the cooler months when there is more condensation.
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    Re: Water on lead pipie

    I have an older Olds horn on which this occurs. My tech told me that it's likely some previous owner cleaned the slide with steel wool or some other abrasive compound. He tells me that you actually can remove minute layers of brass with this process, thereby thinning the metal, and allowing the water drops to appear. Seemed to make sense to me.

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    Re: Water on lead pipie

    If you've cleaned it well and there's no crud on either slide or tube and have put enough grease on the slide yet it still happens, you should take it to a competent tech to be fixed.
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