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Hey man, I'm a girl! I spend a ton of time actually playing my instrument. It's just that I'm the kind of person who likes my trumpet to look nice. Water DOESN'T help remove these stains. I stand corrected on my trumpet model. It's actually a YTR 2335S. I had made a mistake before and forgot to look at my actually trumpet. It's silver-plate so what should I do? I tried water which doesn't work. Neither does a cotton cloth. It's also all over my 3 valve slide. I'm assuming a brass cleaner such as Brasso would damage it. I'm going to look for Flitz, the cloth that was mentioned. Any other suggestions would help!

Attagirl Limbo, (nothing wrong with being a girl - my No.1 First Best Wife is a girl),
Peg away at it - search for the solution so that we all may learn. In the search, see if you can find the cause.

Silver polishing cloths from someone who sells silver plated tableware or a jeweller, or perhaps a music store, might help. As it's a silverplated Trumpet the cloth you get will need to be blue in colour - it will get black as you use it (over time) - the black is good - never wash this cloth, the blacker it is, the better it works - wash it - it might as well be a tissue.