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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Waves of the Navy in the General forums; Does anyone have a good transcription of the song "Waves of the Navy". My mother-in-law is a 91 year old ...
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    Waves of the Navy

    Does anyone have a good transcription of the song "Waves of the Navy". My mother-in-law is a 91 year old Navy Wave veteran of WWII. Just yesterday she told us about how the Waves had their own song, and then--bless her heart--she tried to sing it for us. I did find a copy of the original music on line, but there are a couple of notes I'm not sure of. Anyway--I want to surprise her at our 4th of July concert during the patriotic medley by including "Waves of the Navy" harmonizing with "Anchors Aweigh". Just need a melody part--any key--I can make the rest of it work. Thanks.

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    Re: Waves of the Navy

    I'll bet you The Navy Band in D.C. has it. I don't remember seeing it in any of the fleet libraries, but I never looked for it, either.
    Another good bet would be here:
    WAVES National = WAVES = Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services

    Good Luck!!
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    Re: Waves of the Navy

    The info I found on Wikipedia: "WAVES of the Navy
    WAVES of the Navy,
    There's a ship sailing down the bay.
    And she won't slip into port again
    Until that Victory Day.
    Carry on for that gallant ship
    And for every hero brave
    Who will find ashore, his man-sized chore
    Was done by a Navy WAVE.[3]
    Music and words to this and other songs sung by the WAVES can be found in Marching to Victory,[4] a 1943 booklet published at the Naval Reserve Midshipmen's School (WR), Northampton, Massachusetts."

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