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    WCU Hang

    How did the WCU hang go this weekend?
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    Re: WCU Hang

    It was a great time! I was there for all of Saturday and some of Sunday ( I left after the Vizzutti clinic to head back home for the Super Bowl), but all in all it was a great clinic and for the $85 I spent between registraion and the hotel. The new building and WCU is beautiful, and it was a great place to have the conference. It was well organized, there was a good amount of vendors and the clinics were spaced out well in terms of time. There was plenty of time to shop, or hang around and get ready for the next clinic. The area was pretty sweet too as West Chester has some of that old america charm, similar to what I experienced living up in New England for a few years. Plenty of great food and drink within a mile or so of campus. At the end of the day the hotel was a straight shot down the road from the music builiding, about a three minute drive. Overall I would say that I had a great time, the clinics were very informative, the concerts were spectacular (especially Vizutti and the Boston Brass), and I couldn't believe how much I got out of the two days for only $85!! I would recommend that if you haven't gone, that you check it out next year.

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    Re: WCU Hang

    the west chester campus is amazing. all of the clinics were fabulous. I do no think that it couls have ran better

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    Re: WCU Hang

    I was only there from around 8am 'til 2pm...but posted a recap of what I experienced with pics here:

    Click around to find it. Enjoy...
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