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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Are We Too Wrapped Up In Equipment? in the General forums; Jarrett, I want the Eclipse. I got ten bucks, CASH. No AAFES pogs here, buddy.......
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    Jarrett, I want the Eclipse. I got ten bucks, CASH. No AAFES pogs here, buddy....
    Gary Wilder
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    YES, I am guilty as charged.
    Now, perhaps it's not so simple. I've played guitar for probably 30 years. I currently own ~ 20 fine ones. (thopugh I'm currently paring down).I've always been a gear junkie. Fine amps to go with them guit-boxes too.....
    Now I own 4 Bf trumpets. Do I need em all? Hell no, and I usually play only one; my Lawler Model T.
    I concider myself a lucky dog and I can afford them. I work hard, take care of my family, and save for my future. I'm probably at my maximum income potential now. I splurge on myself, when I can. I really enjoy my music hobbies. I don't go out drinking, smoke, buy drugs, gamble, womanize, etc..... so, what the heck. I enjoy trying gear, in mt home, long term demo'ing, and usually get most, all, or more $ back when I tire of something or find it doesn't work for me and sell it off.
    What I have learned in all this time is this: The music's in you, and not in the gear, ultimately..... I no longer let my gear fetish take time away from playing time (as when I was so much younger). That comes first now..
    Yes, you CAN balance the scales...


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