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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Weird Question in the General forums; When I got my full upper denture since moving here to NC, it necessitated a complete rebuild of my embouchure ...
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    Re: Weird Question

    When I got my full upper denture since moving here to NC, it necessitated a complete rebuild of my embouchure and just as that was coming along, another dental appointment took most of my lower teeth and a pause waiting for the partial and then rebuild my embouchure again. All I can say is that I double on trumpet and euph well enough to enjoy doing so, and the group I play with once a week hasn't suggested I not come again.

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    Re: Weird Question

    Dental issues are a scary subject for trumpet players. A few years back I lost a molar on my bottom left side. Initially I was going to do a root canal and a procedure referred to as an onlay. My doc did the root canal, gave me a temporary filling and said I'd be good to go until next week when he finished it up. That weekend I was eating a cracker and the whole molar broke, clear down to the root. Yay. The end result was that I had it pulled, did a bone graft, and eventually did a dental implant, which cost me about $2200 out of pocket. The alternatives - leaving a gap or doing a partial, were non-starters with me. Leaving the gap would have meant that my teeth would have shifted, and I have no idea what that would have done to my trumpet playing.

    I may well lose my front teeth too because I'm a habitual tooth grinder. If/when that occurs, I'll have to decide whether to spend the money for implants or some other permanent dental solution, or to call it a day with the trumpet, and do drums as my sole instrument. Or maybe pick up guitar - I've always wanted to do that, but I've never had the time to really invest in it.
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    Re: Weird Question

    Thanks for all the replies!

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    Re: Weird Question

    This reminds me of some advice a dentist gave me a decade ago, he did some reverse psychology on me. "You don't have to floss, just floss the teeth you want to keep."
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