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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Well... this is... intresting... in the General forums; Originally Posted by gmonady .......... this time spider veins (tiny veins that break on people's legs as they age). I ...
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    Re: Well... this is... intresting...

    Quote Originally Posted by gmonady View Post
    .......... this time spider veins (tiny veins that break on people's legs as they age). I could totally eliminate the veins with the same skill I learned on neonates, but this time with very lovely long legged women that came in by the score to have me work on the legs. Charged $180 a pop, and got the chance to work up close with babes again! Man do I love my day gig.
    yeah --- old babes -- - but when you get old like GM -- then 50 probably seems young!!!!!!!!!!!

    mud - I am glad the woodwinds can march --- apparently my worries about them able to be up to speed on the trumpet is of little concern -- as my community band conductor pointed out --- "just learn to march and everthing else will come into PLAY" --- ahh, he is such a funny guy.
    that reminds me --- he was a drummer, and he had trouble with hanging on 2 sticks, so they made him a conductor --- and he is doing better with just the one stick -- although, he conducts the music "tooo fast" -- -the dude is always telling our "aged" group --- play faster -- you people play like a bunch of OLD people --- I think the average age is 50+++
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