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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Well...this was modern in the General forums; I like it, I love it, I can't get enough of it! LET THE TRUMPET TALK!...
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    Re: Well...this was modern

    I like it, I love it, I can't get enough of it! LET THE TRUMPET TALK!
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    Re: Well...this was modern

    Quote Originally Posted by Dupac View Post
    Not sure he respects advices of Dave on the good "body use" !
    Not sure I was right posting this. I've googled "Matt von Roderick" and discovered he is user of the Shulman System :
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    Re: Well...this was modern

    Kinda makes me wish i was still Dj-ing. I would definately drop this in the mix... better than the usual drivel which is called Pop music today.
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    Re: Well...this was modern

    +1 on the pop music-> drivel coment. I cant get the guys working in my shop to tune out the crap and try some real music. Best wishes.
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    Re: Well...this was modern

    Quote Originally Posted by MVF View Post
    Did you see the comment that said it would have been better if it was a sax? Such ignorance needs to be overcome!
    That is the funniest thing i have read in a long time!!! And i totally agree with you on that!!
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    Re: Well...this was modern

    Amazing that someone would actually invest serious $$ in the production of a video featuring a trumpet. Not since Herb Alpert, maybe? Hopefully it's a new trend....
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    Re: Well...this was modern

    Wow.. that was actually really good. Kinda surprised.

    The choreography was especially good.
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    Re: Well...this was modern

    One of Mark Goulds students. Now I understand. Matts website is pretty good too!

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    Re: Well...this was modern

    Quote Originally Posted by tobylou8 View Post
    Kinda reminds me of this w/o trumpet!

    Night at the Roxbury - Car Ride - YouTube
    That's what I was thinking. same beat and sound. Liked the concept but the trumpet really could have done so much more. That one lick just wasn't hip enough. But definately going in the right direction.
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    Re: Well...this was modern

    I 'think' that I play that well, but, being old,( almost 76 yoa ), fat, and homely, I just don't seem to get that kind of response from foxy girls like that.

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