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    What do you do when you are nervous??

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    Re: What do you do when you are nervous??

    I have been closing my eyes, and more or less playing to myself trying to feel and listen to the sound without regard to the audience being there and watching my every move.

    Then again - I have only had a couple of gigs, and they have been in my relatively friendly small church (100+ people) - where closing your eyes is rather accepted - but it helps me anyhow -- so I do it.

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    Re: What do you do when you are nervous??

    Breathe, and when blowing a solo I try to remember that I can take the horn off my face and not play for a sec.
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    Re: What do you do when you are nervous??

    For years I had a terrible pre-gig battle with nerves to the point I would gag for hours,and sometimes it would just tear me up!! Now, I have a beer before the gig, and it helps any jitters I might have, but for the last 6 or 7 beers, umm....err....uh....YEARS, Ive been ok. And prayed alot too!!

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    Re: What do you do when you are nervous??

    I had a terrible time when I was younger until my teacher at the time told me to go out with the attitude I was going to the best I could do and if the people liked it great if not to heck with them. It's a hard attitude to adopt, but it does work.

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    Re: What do you do when you are nervous??

    Are you really nervous, or excited? Our bodies can't tell the difference between the two. Both exhibit the same physiological symptoms, such as a racing heart, etc. It falls into the realm of a "fight or flight" response. If you've prepared and can play the piece then be a fighter, and knock the heck out of it. If you've haven't prepared then fake it and knock the heck out of it anyway.

    Self doubt, while useful to such things as a decision to do something life-threatening (like climbing a cliff without ropes or jumping off a high bridge) has no place in music.

    Instead of "fear" think "energy."

    You'll be surprised!

    Have fun!
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