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    39 60.94%
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    23 35.94%
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    15 23.44%
  • Other (please post!)

    20 31.25%
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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What do you play? in the General forums; I play/study classically a lot, and also play a lot of jazz, both big-band and smaller combo work. I also ...
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    Re: What do you play?

    I play/study classically a lot, and also play a lot of jazz, both big-band and smaller combo work. I also wind up playing a bit of rock here and there for some gigs that involve that.
    I'm a student, so I'm always playing something new or different in addition to everything else I'm working on.
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    Re: What do you play?

    I play anything I can.

    Classical, big band lead, concert band, marching in parades, church processions, church concerts with the choir or solo in church, taps, I have been hired to play at a funeral. If I get paid I play. I never complain about the gig. I have done some rock band gigs but very little.

    In the summer I never know what kind of outdoor concert will come up. German band or twenties stuff or anything.

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    Re: What do you play?

    Praise and worship(church),jazz, big band, etc...........

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    Re: What do you play?

    I play in church and in a community band. Just left a big band that I played in for over 27 years but was asked to join a small swing band where I split lead and 2nd. would like to get our quintet going again but it is very hard to get 5 adults to agree on a practice night/schedule.
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    Re: What do you play?

    Commercial pop/rock/soul: trumpet
    Church: trumpet & flugel
    British style Brass Band: flugel
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    Re: What do you play?

    Two community concert bands, evanglistic church solos, advanced brass ensemble for very large hymnsings in a mega church, Swing band as opener for one of the community bands, but, no other gigs with the swing band, sounding Taps at military funerals. I have been asked to join a local adult marching band, but because of my physical debilitation, I am incapable of marching. The board of that band is considering me to play only sit down engagements. Time will tell. I have many other offers, but restrict myself because of my age and health.

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    Re: What do you play?

    Symphony, chamber orchestra, wind band, jazz ensemble, Salsa band, mariachi, german Oom-Pah, big band, commercial, solo with organ/piano/orchestra.
    I will not march anymore. Too dangerous for my face!
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Re: What do you play?

    Ahh i forgot to put other as well, I play in a indie band.
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    Re: What do you play?

    There are quite a few here that I must admit I have never even heard of!

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    Re: What do you play?

    The main thing I play around 70% of the time is ska of all types (roots, two tone, third wave), which I labeled as other (although ska was largely based on jazz). But I do enjoy doing a bit of jazz such as dixieland and bigband and classical stuff like haydn.

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