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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What an experience! in the General forums; Just got back from playing flugel in the National Brass Band of Wales. Was so great. 10 hours of playing ...
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    Smile What an experience!

    Just got back from playing flugel in the National Brass Band of Wales. Was so great. 10 hours of playing most days for a week. Our conductor was Nicolas Childs who, if you haven't heard of him, you should listen to his playing and, out soloist was his nephew David Childs. He is awesome in every way. He is the best euphonium player on earth. Was so great to play with such a good band. All out tutors were Cory or Black dyke players. It makes me want to practice to achieve things that these people have :) Sorry if this annoys anyone im just really excited after all of this :)

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    Re: What an experience!

    It's always good to renew the fire
    That is a very good experience.
    Good Luck,

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    Re: What an experience!

    Annoyed? NO WAY!!

    Just GREEN with envy , Lucky you. Now you've heard the best and played with the best, go chase the dream!

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    Re: What an experience!

    David Childs performed here in the US two months ago with the New Amsterdam Brass Band. He is an incredible musician so I understand your enthusiasm. I'm sure it was very exciting to play with musicians of that caliber.

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    Re: What an experience!

    I had a similar experience with the National Youth Wind Ensemble of GB earlier this month when we attended the WASBE conference in Taiwan also touring Hong Kong and Macau! I guess your a similar age to me (16) and its great to hear you share the same passion!!! :)
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    Re: What an experience!

    do they have this stuff for "geezers"?
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    Re: What an experience!

    Good for you, and I'm off to the IBBSS in Swansea, on Sunday, for the week. Where there will be, Nick Childs, Bob Childs, David Childs, Owen Farr, Richard Marshall, Joe Cook and lots of Dyke, Cory and other top bands players in attendance. Oh, and me. :)
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