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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What have you been playing these last few days? in the General forums; So many threads out there - about horns, about all kinds of equipment, about what you've been listening... but no ...
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    What have you been playing these last few days?

    So many threads out there - about horns, about all kinds of equipment, about what you've been listening... but no one is interested what we've been playing! So I'm starting this thread:

    For me, it's my new trumpet ensemble (starting with a few amateur friends, and intended to be a trumpets-only group of eventually 10-12 players, with F trumpets for tenors and Bb bass trumpets... doing festive music. It's called KObrasss (yes, the spelling's correct, KO standing for the town of Korneuburg/Austria where we are based, and brasss - six letters standing for the six founder members, and the three s for the hissing of the cobra, which is our logo - look at Facebook and see us there!

    And only yesterday I finished a run of fourteen performances of "The Man from La Mancha" - great stuff! Nice fanfare stuff, and enough breaks to sneak a drink in between... only had one mishap, right at the beginning, when Don Quixote attacks the windmills... his equipment arrives on stage without him, being thrown from the side; his helmet flew a bit too far and hit the timps in the pit with an almighty bang. Could have been me, sitting right next to the kettles...

    Now what are your recent experiences? I want to hear all about them!
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    Re: What have you been playing these last few days?

    Cool thread idea.
    Recently I stepped down as director of my big band. For the past six years I was chief cook and bottle washer. I ran the website, brought the refreshments to rehearsal, kept the library, picked the rep, organized the sets, took the phone calls and emails regarding gigs, etc etc etc.
    So the band moved to a 'non-profit society' thing... and I began to let a few of the jobs go to other members. Finally I decided that I really wanted to play. (previeously I directed and played - not to much of a strech for my ADD).
    But regardless, this has been a great move for me.
    (now i get to the topic of this thread)
    Now I get to practice my parts. Actually focus on my part. I play a lot of lead, but also a few 2nds, etc. I hope that soon I could play the entire first book for a night. So without being specific - I'm practicing to play, not to direct or worry about set lists, or what to work on at the next rehearsal.
    Tune-wise I am working on a couple of Roumanis arrangements: Chattanooga Choo choo and At Last as well as September in the Rain. Also I've been practicing soloing over Cotton Tail. (btw - i just started reading the new Ellington Bio by Terry Teachout. So far so good).

    I should stop typing and go practice.

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    Re: What have you been playing these last few days?

    I have been playing the radio. Another 2 months to go before I am allowed to play trumpet. Then I have Schumanns Rheinische, a film music concert, Beethoven 7, a natural trumpet concert in historical pitch and some stuff with the zink/cornetto.
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    Re: What have you been playing these last few days?

    I had the opportunity to rehearse 5 new jazz compositions (as a set) with the Auckland City Jazz Orchestra. I was on the dep list and they were critically short of trumpets (before any of you get the idea that I'm actually any good!). I was handed the lead folder and sight read (which for me is a big deal) the lot, which did my confidence a huge boost. Twisty-turny time signatures (changing every few bars) and interesting rhythms, but altogether great pieces which will be premiered in the next few weeks. Sorry I can't remember the guy who wrote them, but he was conducting, and who ever remembers the conductor's name, right?
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    Re: What have you been playing these last few days?

    Barliman- back in the late 90s a band I used to play in played at the Carnival in Nice. while we were there for the week there was a band from Austria that was there also. those dudes had a great time, every time one of the parades we were in would slow down or there was a break they went to the side of the road and broke out cigarettes and booze. They were some kind of marching brass band of about 15-20 members and those guys had a ball.
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    Re: What have you been playing these last few days?

    Mostly been playing a bunch of junk that's someone's idea of good British brass band music. Just finished that concert, but I'm afraid the next one won't be much better. In a couple days, our Civil War brass group will host a "show and tell" rehearsal with a number of brass majors from a nearby university. We will describe and demonstrate the various period instruments, play them a few tunes, and then outfit them with period instruments and join together for a number of period pieces scored for a full band of the era. That's fun, and it is educational for the students, too, since most of them have never seen, let alone played a 150 year old horn.
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    Re: What have you been playing these last few days?

    Just played at Inverloch Jazz Festival with the Rathdowne Street Big Band (with Stumac). Had fun, but it was hot and the road stage faced the sun - so the late afternoon session was a trial. It was fun, but with so many other things on over the Moomba Long Week-end, the promoters need to work harder to get the attendance numbers up.

    So great music to listen to and to sit back in a Cafe and enjoy yourself witha cold beer.
    This coming week-end the Westgate Concert Band at the Newport Sub-station.
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    Re: What have you been playing these last few days?

    I spent a couple of weeks practicing for a brass choir concert - went without a hitch last Sunday. Played a ton of C trumpet, a Ravel fanfare and a couple of other pieces I forget the names of, got to dust off my picc chops for an arrangement of Amparita Roca, and was a featured soloist in Botchinsky's Jazz Antiphony. Now just some general maintenance in the practice room until I get the music for a couple of Easter services. One big work in progress right now is getting some vocal charts together - finding my keys, learning some lyrics. A bass player friend wants my guitarist husband and I to start a jazz trio with him, and wants me to do some vocals as well. Should be a lot of fun! All this in addition to learning new marches and summer wind ensemble repertoire for the Navy....gotta stay busy to stay musically productive! Oh, and I can't forget the Monday night reading big band with the old guys - love playing with them! They have some really challenging charts, and give me lots of changes to play!
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    Re: What have you been playing these last few days?

    I've been playing a lot of trumpet these past couple of days.

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    Re: What have you been playing these last few days?

    Quote Originally Posted by PiGuy_314 View Post
    I've been playing a lot of trumpet these past couple of days.

    Would that be two of every kind?
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