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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What instrument to use instead of voice in the General forums; A recorder might come in handy....
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    Re: What instrument to use instead of voice

    A recorder might come in handy.

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    Re: What instrument to use instead of voice

    Quote Originally Posted by The Dutch Guy View Post
    the kind of songs I want to do are for example:
    from les miserables: 'I dreamed a dream', 'castle on a cloud', 'on my own'
    from enya 'may it be' and another Lord of the Rings one 'into the west'
    search for Hayley Westenra for other examples. that's pretty much exacly what I want.
    'I Dreamed a Dream' could well be matched with a trombone - I've heard a very nice rendition with male voice - and tromb would make a really nice transposition, the alternative IMHO, would be flugel - I also have an arrangement for solo trumpet that works nicely in the lower parts of the treble clef range - the others tunes, well I haven't formed an opinion.

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    Re: What instrument to use instead of voice

    All the songs you mention will work on the trumpet. The trumpet is able to create a wide range of timbres. I've found that performing vocal music has made my playing far more musical. Examples: "Sheep May Safely Graze" by Bach, "Ava Maria" by Bach, "One Hand One Heart" by Bernstein.
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