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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What Method(s) after brain surgery? in the General forums; Hello Folks, Here's my scenario: I'm attempting a comeback to playing after a good 3 years away from any kind ...
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    What Method(s) after brain surgery?

    Hello Folks,

    Here's my scenario:

    I'm attempting a comeback to playing after a good 3 years away from any kind of serious playing. The reason? I ended up having to have brain surgery for what's known as a Chiari Malformation 2 1/2 years ago. Not to get into TOO many details but basically this means that my brain had grown in a way that was putting too much pressure on the top of my spinal column and interrupting the flow of spinal fluid. The surgery took a piece of my skull and parts of my top two vertebra out in order to make room for my brain. My doc has told me I am ok to resume all regular activity including playing.

    As I have been playing a bit lately I have been getting some discomfort in the area of my surgery (back of my head) whenever I start to push the volume and/or range and am starting to think I am going to need to change some things if this is going to work. I feel like I have too much tension and I feel like too much restriction in my horn and my airflow are creating the problems.

    I am seriously thinking about a more free blowing horn like a Callet Jazz might help, but I really want to figure out what methods of playing would be the best for me to explore. I have studied the Reinhart method with Scott Holbert in the past but I am wondering if other methods might be worth looking into.

    Is there a specific method that is more geared toward an approach that focuses most on being relaxed and NOT overblowing?

    I will probably go see Scott as some point to see what he can suggest for me.

    I know this is a bit of a weird question, and I know not TOO many people will have experienced anything like this... but I know you all will have some ideas.

    I REALLY look forward to getting back into playing, and I really hope that in the long run this is a good thing for me, making me find a better/ more sensible/ thought out approach than I used before.

    Thanks in advance for any and ALL thoughts!!!

    Scott in Maryland

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    Re: What Method(s) after brain surgery?

    Scott, before you go on the Great Instrument Safari have a look at Dave Monettes website particularly with respect to his Body Centring Techniques on posture - you may solve your problem by simply moving your feet - and it is quite inexpensive. Unless of course you have N +1?

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    Re: What Method(s) after brain surgery?

    Hi Scott,

    following on the relaxation advice stuff I would suggest you look at Greg Spence's Mystery to Mastery website -- free videos and he sells a book+lessons. yamaha trumpet artist greg spence offers you trumpet books free video trumpet lessons ...

    Good luck,

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    Re: What Method(s) after brain surgery?

    Alexander technique might be able to help you on your way.
    Good luck!
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    Re: What Method(s) after brain surgery?

    Co-incidentally you might be on the right track with Callet, but perhaps consider his Sima or another really efficient horn in conjunction with the TCE technique which emphasises not overblowing. I think very open horns can sometimes cause some of us to create our own resistance elsewhere in the system.

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    Re: What Method(s) after brain surgery?

    okay.. I am just guessing here ... so take it for what it is..
    I wonder if a cornet would be better suited ... the weight is closer in so I would think that's a good thing and I also think they are easy to play...
    then their is the flugelhorn option ... while there is back pressure a decent one resonates without much effort and you really aren't going to be blasting much above the staff ... I mean you could but probably not..
    Then there is the style of music you play... how about directing your play to being a hot cool jazz soloist instead of a lazer screaming lead player
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