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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What other sites? in the General forums; I visit this site, and that other site, but what other trumpet sites might I set my sights on? Any ...
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    What other sites?

    I visit this site, and that other site, but what other trumpet sites might I set my sights on? Any others worth seeing?
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    Re: What other sites?

    This is a great question. Looking forward to the answers. Love to hear about trumpet/brass sites from Britain/Europe.

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    Re: What other sites?

    I read quite often. It is oriented on the brass band world, but also provides more general music content to the readership. A good example is a recent article on tips for becoming a more rounded musician.
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    Re: What other sites?

    Hmm, is a good question. I've been to a few that were more like blogs and some that were invite only (snobs less the "n" ). I do like this one!

    Most of the rest are individual players websites.
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    Re: What other sites?

    I don't know if this is the type of site you were thinking about but I have some fun on this one.
    I would like to see links to similar sites of various genre of music.
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    Re: What other sites?

    I check in here every once in a while: Trumpet Blogger - Trumpet Tips, Fundamentals, Reviews, Interviews

    Not a regular thing, but he posts some good articles...
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    Re: What other sites?

    great research here on old brass and identification...

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    Re: What other sites?

    I find BrassReview as helpful for comparative data between horns. I have personally found this useful and highly predictive of the outcomes I have experienced with the horns I have tried.
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