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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What should I pay for a pre-strike bach? in the General forums; Check the marketplace!! There's a few good ones in there right now...........and some good, decent people selling them too!...
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    Re: What should I pay for a pre-strike bach?

    Check the marketplace!! There's a few good ones in there right now...........and some good, decent people selling them too!
    Eric Sperry
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    Re: What should I pay for a pre-strike bach?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimi Michiel View Post
    I've got beginning students who use the student model Getzens. Those horns beat the pants of most Bach Strads I've tried. You could probably find a decent one on CraigsList for 200 bucks.

    Every the cynic,
    Jimi Michiel
    Student model Getzens are so out of tune it is disgusting. Get real!
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    Re: What should I pay for a pre-strike bach?

    Pre strike is meaningless. An instrument is either good or not good and a Bach from ANY period could fall into either category. You still have plenty of time before school starts. Do NOT grab the first horn unless it is a deal that you can't refuse! This does not seem to be that.
    Toots is right about choice! There are Kanstuls, Getzens, Olds, Holtons, Yamahas (a new 6xxx model costs less NEW!) and many other great horns for the same or less money. You are going to have to live with this decision for a while so take your time! Don't let a sob story about someone that can never play again coerce you into paying more than you need to!
    I would not do it!!!!
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    Re: What should I pay for a pre-strike bach?

    Yes, Robin wrote what I thought when I first saw the reference to a "pre-strike" Bach. I just found that to be be an interesting new way to refer to a bach trumpet.

    Davey, please take this in the spirit it's meant, which is to be helpful. I looked over your past posts and it seems that while you're not a novice to playing you might consider being pressured into buying a horn for $1512. Does anyone else find that to be a strange price, by the way? Fifteen hundred TWELVE dollars? Irrespective of whether price is not a problem it seems excessive based on what I've heard other people pay. Is it old but unplayed or has it been used by one or more people?

    Many years ago, a Bach was considered a pro level horn and it was rare for students to own one (when I say students I mean high school students... I can't tell what age you are). Now, kids in junior high have them. Does that mean they're not as good? Yes and no. People regularly complain that they're not as good as they were in their prime. What was their prime? It depends who you ask.

    The bottom line is tis horn is no big bargain, therefore, garner some experience playing on few different brands of instruments and make the decision yourself as to what you like playing best.



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