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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What tuner? in the General forums; trumpetnick, I'll consider the Yamaha since I might have an alternative for a metronome. I'm not familiar with "Spada" so ...
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    Re: What tuner?

    trumpetnick, I'll consider the Yamaha since I might have an alternative for a metronome. I'm not familiar with "Spada" so I'll look it up on the web........thanks

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    Re: What tuner?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dale Proctor View Post
    A side note about tuners - if you use one when you practice, centering each note as you play, and you learn to play this way, you'll play out of tune with practically any ensemble you play with.
    Too true!

    The best tuner is the old Sroboconn that showed all twelve notes at once. With it, we can see that a perfectly in tune "c" is only perfect relative to c -- relative to Ab it is too high, relative to A, too low, relative to C, way too high, etc. For some pictures, go to:

    A Brief History of the Conn Company: Experimental Laboratory

    Stay tuned!
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    Re: What tuner?

    Korg AW1 Acoustic and Wind Clip-On Tuner from

    Seems pretty accurate and you can mount it just about anywhere on your horn!


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    Re: What tuner?

    To examine tuning, check out Chase Sanborn's site with his latest book Tuning Tactics and the CenterPitch device. The book helps you 'know' when you are in tune and the CenterPitch assists, "when all about you are playing and tuning" to tune your instrument. » Online Catalog

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    Re: What tuner?

    Check out the Peterson portable Stroboconn. Very sensitive and measures the overtones as well like the old Stroboconns.

    Has microphone inputs and a wide variety of other calibration ranges as well as setting for equal temperament as well as unequal ones.

    Price is very good for what it is capable of. About $200

    Much more useful to me than all the other inexpensive (but still good) Korgs, Yamahas etc.

    Worth looking into though.

    Bill Dishman
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    Re: What tuner?


    You may find the Chase Sanborn Centerpitch at least interesting. I am planning on ordering one, cause it sounds interesting. » Online Catalog

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