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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What are the TWO best things about the way you play? in the General forums; Hey All After a great gig on the weekend I was talking with a few friends and we were discussing ...
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    What are the TWO best things about the way you play?

    Hey All

    After a great gig on the weekend I was talking with a few friends and we were discussing what was the TWO best things about the way you play.

    There are a few basic characteristics that all instrumentalists share, but we Trumpet Players are a special breed because our instruments' sound is created from scratch. Theres so many characteristics about Trumpet Playing, but if you had to choose just TWO, then what are the two best things about your sound. Describe the components of the best part of your sound.

    Mine are

    1: My tone, which is deep rich and dark that sings in the high regesters
    2: My Technique and Solo abillity, which is creative, tight and flashy

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    Great spin-off thread!

    For me it would have to be my tone quality and my musical expression. I'll play anything you put in front of me, but I love to play church music and ballads! For both of those fine tone and the ability to express yourself though that hunk of metal you have in your hands is top priority on my list!
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    The two best things about my playing?


    I have always been fortunate to have a good sound, and I have always had a lot of power, even as beginner in grade school.
    Patrick Gleason

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    Creativity and a willingness to fail.

    Dan Rosenboom

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    the 2 best things about my playing would be
    1 - I blend with any group I play with, big band, quintet,ect.
    2 - I do have power when needed - got that from years of playing in a 12 piece clown band that performed out side. old geezer Dave
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    tone and the ability to manipulate it per the music and the group i am playing with
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    1-Sight Reading - Comes with the job (Military band that has a new set of marches every day)
    2-Technique. Although I must admit there are times in which I let it slide a little. (But a couple hours in the practice room fixes me right up).
    (3)-Endurance - I know I know, only two, but I had to add this as a substitute for either of the first two.

    Eric Sproul
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    Endurance. It comes from years of marching.

    Creative musicianship. I love taking etudes and seeing how many ways I can do them differently, or taking little studies and varying them as many ways as possible or just making up excercises of my own. Sometimes I can remember them and duplicate them, other times they vanish as quickly as they came.
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    Big sound.
    Sight reading.
    Dave M.
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    Piccolo trumpet tone

    Sight reading

    Other people say that my sound is one of my better features, but I am not often totally happy with it - it is certainly a great deal better than it once was.

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