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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What is your funniest trumpet story? in the General forums; I have one or two. I am just learning how to trigger the third valve slide. I pulled it in ...
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    What is your funniest trumpet story?

    I have one or two.

    I am just learning how to trigger the third valve slide. I pulled it in without having the third valve depressed; the third slide end piece on my Bach hit the back of the Euphonium player in front of me. I imagine this one is common. Now I put a cloth elastic around the third valve slide ring and that end piece, whatever it is called.

    Within the first couple of months of my comeback I had areally hard practice session in which I had over done it. Later on in the evening when brushing my teeth, I noticed something really scary and got paniced about having torn an embouchure muscle. I screamed for my wife to come take a look at what happens to my face when I smile. She said: “those are dimples you idiot; you have dimples when you smile, you never noticed before?” Actually not, but I was greatly relieved.

    What is your funny trumpet story?

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    Re: What is your funniest trumpet story?

    In my high school orchestra we had 3 trumpet players (I was 1st). We were playing Poet & Peasant by Von Suppe. I had the 1st part, but unfortunately the music was in "D" so I had to transpose it. The 2nd trumpet player had a transposed 2nd part. The 3rd trumpet player had a non-transposed 2nd part. However, the 3rd trumpet had a terrible ear and played the music non-transposed! I noticed it and I told her she needed to transpose it once, but she kept playing what was written. After a few days the director finally stopped to have us play our first chord, which is supposed to be D major. He had us play our notes individually....

    Me: F#
    2nd player: D
    3rd player: B-flat

    lol.... so after that she started reading the 2nd player's part.
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    Re: What is your funniest trumpet story?

    As a joke for the Trombone lead player in high school, I told the sax players to start bragging about my range on trombone and how well I sounded. I went to the practice room and inserted a Bach 7C into a school band trombone and just started hitting notes. Thus guy looks into the window of the room with total shock on his face and packs up his bone. I came out of the room laughing my butt off and told him he's safe, and that I used a trumpet mouthpiece.
    He said he was about to go home and pack his horn up for good!! Every time I think of that day, I laugh myself to tears!!!

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