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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What are your music goals for the new year? in the General forums; Sooner or later, its going to be January 1st, 2010! Which for me personally means setting up a goal or ...
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    What are your music goals for the new year?

    Sooner or later, its going to be January 1st, 2010! Which for me personally means setting up a goal or two for the year. What are your goals in music, or more specifically trumpet, that you wish to set for 2010? And how are you planning to accomplish that goal?

    For me I want to try and increase my range and the quality of the notes within the new range so I can get lead for jazz. The range for the lead charts typically go up to a B above high C, as a limit. My range is getting to be a reliable, solid D above high C. To get to my goal, I am going to concentrate to hopefully gain a note every month through playing lots of scales, arpeggios, lip slurs, and ultimately higher range pieces, while making sure to not decrease the concentration (time is not how I measure my practice sessions, I measure it on a concentration/result kind of scale) on my other aspects of playing.

    Now its your turn TM, what are your music goals for the new year?
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    Re: What are your music goals for the new year?

    My goal is to keep up my playing and get my "dream" trumpet-a Taylor.
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    Re: What are your music goals for the new year?

    To learn my Dixieland tunes and get my schtick together...

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    Re: What are your music goals for the new year?

    I like to keep things simple. My goal every year is that in 365 days I would think back and realize that I'm way better than I was when I first made the goal.

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    Re: What are your music goals for the new year?

    my goal is to increase my ability to move around the trumpet better (flexibility...?) and to gain my range to a solid f above high c. ive got a solid c right now. i am also going to be able to to the sixteenth note lip slurs on page 43 of arbans at 112 and i want to improve my double tounging (probably the weakest part of my playing) and my finger dexterity. i'll probably do lots of clarke for the fingers.

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    Re: What are your music goals for the new year?

    1) Get one lesson per month to help me fix whatever problems my teacher finds.

    2) Practice with structure, e.g., systematically go through the trumpet technique books that my teacher recommends every practice session, except when I feel that I'd like to practice something different for a change of pace.

    3) Practice EVERY day for at least 1/2 hour.

    4) Get out and gig once a month for fun.

    I figure whatever problems that I may have with playing will be fixed through my private lessons and structured practice.
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    Re: What are your music goals for the new year?

    Learn to play Haydn Concerto in Eb 1st Movement :) by June
    Learn to play Hummel Trumpet Concerto in Eb 3rd Movement:) by Nov.

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    Re: What are your music goals for the new year?

    Play more music. And be able to play the music that will be put in front of me next term
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    Re: What are your music goals for the new year?

    1) To wake up some morning being able to improvise like the masters, fully comprehending all the chord/scale relationships and being able to use them as easily as speaking.

    2) to write a song that the whole world will sing/play for centuries (every time I hear someone singing or playing Joy To The World I think about how Handel took a blasted major scale and turned it into a song people have enjoyed for over 250 years!)

    3) to keep on practicing and expanding my trumpet playing abilities as I have been doing for the past 8 months.

    4) to find some new playing gigs where my newly improved trumpet playing skills can be shared with others.

    5) to continue to enjoy my good health and the many good friends I have met on-line and in person

    6) to hope that everybody has a happy, healthy, safe new year and that perhaps the people on this planet can get their sh*t together and finally stop killing each other and pull together to make life better for everybody.

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    Re: What are your music goals for the new year?

    Peace , health , happiness for all and to get high marks in grade 6 trumpet.

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