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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What is Your Warm-up Routine? in the General forums; Okay, Ariel, I'm sorry... I think I just misunderstood the label you gave to what you do. It's a practice ...
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    Okay, Ariel, I'm sorry... I think I just misunderstood the label you gave to what you do. It's a practice routine that helps maintain and improve your overall technique and it seems it's separate from your other endevours, is that right?[quote]

    Yes Manny the last part of your quote is correct. I hope I did not come off to harsh in my initial response, if I did I apologize for that. I admire what you do, especially at the level that you do it at, I look forward to many discussions and conversations with you and others here at Trumpetmaster. And yes, I also love that quote from Jake, thats why it is on my signature because it just makes so much sense when you think about it. If you allow yourself to not be a prisoner of your own body and just allow the body to do what it does naturally which is breathe to expand, then anything that comes out your horn will come out with a full resonant sound. And like you said, everything just seems much easier when this happens. Boyde teaches us the concept of connecting the air to sound immediately after you take in a complete breathe. Its amazing how much that man has improved my sound and my overall playing. Well Manny, talk to you soon.
    Breath to expand, not expand to breath.
    -Arnold Jacobs

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    ppp "G" long tones. :g:

    ppp scales exercises starting on 1st space f :f:

    diminished arpeggios

    diminished scales
    Bob Odneal
    Casual Double High "C" method on CD

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    1. Get trumpet sound clear in my head.
    2. Take some deep breaths to loosen up lungs/intercostal muscles.
    3. long notes buzzed on leadpipe
    4. Expanding Scales from Adam Routine
    5. maybe some arpeggios

    and then I'm good to go.
    Dave M.
    Richmond Hill (Toronto), Ontario, CANADA

    Kanstul WB1600
    1952 L.A. Olds Recording, 1975 L.A. Benge 3x, Yamaha 631 Flugel, Olds Flugel

    GR 65.6 Mouthpieces

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    Thanks for all the replies guys 'n gals. Now I've got a few new routines to try out.

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