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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What's the worst thing about the way you play? in the General forums; Multiple tonguing, and sight-reading long lines with odd intervals - I can read rhythms okay but I mess up eighth-note ...
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    Multiple tonguing, and sight-reading long lines with odd intervals - I can read rhythms okay but I mess up eighth-note runs with jumps in them, that kind of thing.

    I also tend to frustrate myself by being inconsistent mentally which leads to inconsistent days where my chops aren't at their best.
    Dave M.
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    E transposition and that darned third finger. I have never been able to get mine totally even.....

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    Nothing! I rock!!

    But seriously, I've always struggled with my articulation and multiple tonguing, pretty much anything involving my tongue and trumpet
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    My weakest area...sight reading, transposition, multiple tonguing, consistency on entrances above my comfy zone, intervals, ear training.

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    1. Consistancy one day I'll play like a god and the next day sound like crap

    2. double tonguing intervals across partials

    3. intonation with self, when playing with other can adjust very quickly but by myself i get really insecure about this
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    Quote Originally Posted by tpter1
    I'm sorry if I misunderstood your intent. Could you please clarify what your'e looking for?
    My last post was really poorly written -- I'm mad at myself, not mad at the responses.

    I can be the best player in the world, have the ability to play high, low and everywhere in between, but it is so frustrating to be held back by reading skills.

    So many playing skills can be solved by hours and hours of practice. I really think I read as well as I'm ever going to read.

    I have sat with books of every type and just counted and counted and then played but that ability to pick a chart and just play it is one I'll never have.

    Playing wise, I probably could have been a studio player, but the ability to pick up a super hard part in a recording session -- run it a couple times, and then record it just isn't going to happen for me.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, and my poor post.
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    Consistant flexibility...Have to concentrate on that one all the time.


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    I'll tell you what, Bandman... here's a story that'll make you feel a little better:

    A woman attended a concert of the fabuous Van Cliburn and was very taken with his performance. Afterward, she waited for a time to greet him backstage to lavish him with praise.

    Among the several things she said, she remarked "Oh, Mr. Cliburn... I would give up everything to play as well as you!". Cliburn absorbed the comment and looked at her with great seriousness and said "Madam, that's precisely what it takes."


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    I have trouble transposing and lagging in time.

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