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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What's you "other" job? in the General forums; I'm a copywriter for a calendar publishing company....
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    Re: What's you "other" job?

    I'm a copywriter for a calendar publishing company.
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    Re: What's you "other" job?

    Cable guy, 30+ years soon to retire. Currently a line maintainence tech (keeps the system running), spent many years as a lineman. Climbed more poles then anybody should.

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    Re: What's you "other" job?

    I mould statues , fountains , etc. for gardens and try to snatch a couple of hours in the evening to practice,

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    Re: What's you "other" job?

    I recently retired from corporate life - many years in Information Management for a major global healthcare products corporation. So building a kayak from kit in my unlimited spare time and trying to rediscover the trumpet - if only I could find my where did I put it???? Also trying a spin with the acoustic guitar.
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    Re: What's you "other" job?

    Quote Originally Posted by Liblip View Post
    I'm a Librarian, I've been at it for almost 25 years now. I have an MLS and had spent much of my career as a Library Director in Connecticut. Now I manage a branch of a library system in Florida. That move enabled me to let someone else suit-up and deal with elected leaders and the press. I have much more time for playing horn and being me! -Ed
    Me too. MM in Music History and an MLS. I'm currently on the faculty of the University of Oklahoma, running the Fine Arts and Architecture libraries.

    " . . . it is in our lives, and not from our words, that our religion must be read."
    Thomas Jefferson

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    Re: What's you "other" job?

    I'm an Assistant Vice President of Information Technology. Been in IT for over 40 years. I'm planning to retire next year and hope to joint several local musical organizations, something I wanted to do since I left college but was to busy doing other things like raising a family...

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    Re: What's you "other" job?

    I own and run an on-site computer repair company.
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    Re: What's you "other" job?

    Computer programmer / analyst and Technical support work for a large grocery retailer. Our group focuses on systems used by our manufacturing plants.
    Greg Glassmeyer

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    Re: What's you "other" job?

    27 years as an aircraft structural engineer. Half in Seattle and most in St. Louis.
    I was a contract engineer. I grew tired of supporting hole drillers and fillers in the last year
    so I quit. I am now retired and build plywood boats, practice trumpet. I help out a local high school orchestra when they are short on trumpets.
    "I was performing professionally at age 17 and have never had a real job." Allen Vizzutti

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    Re: What's you "other" job?

    Hi all. I'm finding this quite interesting to see what else everyone gets up to when they're not playing/practicing. I know it's not entirely a Trumpet related topic, but it's nice to know a little background of some of the people that post here.
    Cheers >-iii-
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