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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What's in your case? in the General forums; Looks like there are two schools of thought - either a case with just the horn and a couple other ...
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    Re: What's in your case?

    Looks like there are two schools of thought - either a case with just the horn and a couple other items, accompanied by a bag with everything else in it - or - a big case with horns and everything in it. I like everything in one case...never have liked carrying/keeping up with a separate mute/junk bag.
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    Re: What's in your case?

    To the question, "which case?", I reply, "which horn?" They all have different cases.

    In the main gigging horn case, a ProTec, Mike Vax roller, I carry the Schilke B6L and the Stomvi Elite flugel, and their respective mpcs. The envelope sleeve on the outside will accommodate a music folder, valve oil, and reading glasses, but no mutes. I schlep a ProTec mute bag for that and it can ride the roller carefully. That roller case does great service to an old arthritic dude like me. But I have not tested it as checked baggage. I think that might just be a mistake.

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    Re: What's in your case?

    B-flat case has a horn, three mouthpieces, clothes pins,valve oil, slide grease, cleaner rod, and in the zippered side section, a music folder( rather packed, too). Cornet case has the horn and two mouthpieces( not much room for anything else). C case just has the horn and a place for a mouthpiece( I ditched the White gloves). Flugle case just has room for the horn and a mouthpiece( white gloves are there, but I just use them to wipe it down). I carry mutes, horn stand/s, oil, and a blitz cloth in a separate bag if needed
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    Re: What's in your case?

    OK - here's your TMI: (this would be easier with fewer horns)

    The case I use mostly (BAM trekking - light and has lots of room) has Bb (lately Selmer 24B K-Mod), Curry 8.5TC mouthpiece, 1 or 2 bottles of valve oil, a microfiber cloth, a Hercules TravLite stand (not in the bell), a Wenge Facet mute (but not usually), a Korg tuner, a Best Damn Trumpet Lead Pipe Swab Period!, some eraser spacers (a la Jeanne Pocius) for between my rear upper and lower molars (for practice), and a toothbrush, and in the music pouch a copy of Vizzutti V.1 or 3, Shoemaker's Concone etudes, Mystery to Mastery (Greg Spence), and trumpet parts to Rachmaninoff's Vocalise and Ravel's Piece en forme de Habenera.

    If I decide on a different trumpet, or need the C, then I madly transfer stuff and never everything I need. If I want to use my Recording, I change cases too as the valve block's different location doesn't fit the BAM. I have two BAM casess, but keep the nice new one at home to sweeten a deal if I sell a horn.

    Cornet goes in a ProTec case w/2 mps (Stork 4A & Curry 8.5 Vintage), a Best Damn Trumpet Lead Pipe Swab Period! & the Hercules Travlite.

    Flug & cornet or trumpet in Protec PH 301F (great case for the $$), 3 or 4 mps, French taper lp in outside pouch (Bach taper in horn), oil, that damn swab. BTW, I CAN tell the difference in the way a horn plays before and after cleanng the leadpipe with Tim Wendt's great swab.

    Real Books and Stand/lights usually in trunk, usually leave them there. I clean my mouthpieces at home often.
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    Re: What's in your case?

    In my Torpedo outlaw, I have:
    cleaning brush and cloth
    2 mutes
    Real book
    Sometimes my phone.

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    Re: What's in your case?

    Quote Originally Posted by gmonady View Post
    I am now in Bethesda MD, on a business trip (and having been stood up by TrumpetMD)
    Sorry things didn't work out this weekend. I just got home after a rough 2 days with only about 3 hours sleep. That's the trouble with the ED. It never closes.

    I have a Protec Contoured Trumpet PRO PAC Case (PB301CT). Here's what's in it.

    In the case
    - My Bach Strad 43*
    - My Bach 3C mouthpiece
    - A microfiber rag

    In the pouch
    - Bach 3D mouthpiece in a ProTec mouthpiece pouch
    - Korg Chromiatic Tuner and Korg Metronome
    - Sony Digital Voice Recorder
    - Hetman #1 valve oil, #7 slide gel, #8 tuning slide grease
    - HW Brass Saver cleaning brushes, mouthpiece brush, leadpipe swab
    - A pen and business cards

    My mutes are in a separate ProTec mute bag.

    Bach Stradivarius 43* (1974), Bach 3C Mouthpiece.
    Getzen 896 Eterna Flugelhorn (1974), Curry 3FL Mouthpiece.
    Plus a few other Bach, Getzen, Olds, Carol, and Besson horns.

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    Re: What's in your case?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharvey View Post
    ...I cannot get over carrying underwear in the trumpet case. It seems wrong not matter what the reason.
    Oh, so you go commando?
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    Re: What's in your case?

    Maybe he likes playing in the "raw" (brass and a@@!)!!
    Knowledge is freedom, and ignorance is slavery - Miles Davis

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    Re: What's in your case?

    I guess you like to keep your brass covered.
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    Re: What's in your case?

    1/4 bottle All Cass oil
    2 Mouthpieces
    #2 Pencil
    Just ordered a polishing cloth (& more oil) 5 minutes ago. That will be in there too.
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