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Trumpet Discussion Discuss What's on your music stand? in the General forums; Okay... SO i got Gekker Etudes All-State Audition material Shostakovich 5 (Finale) Hickman Orchestral Excerpts One Vizzuti excercises Prayer of ...
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    Okay... SO i got

    Gekker Etudes
    All-State Audition material
    Shostakovich 5 (Finale)
    Hickman Orchestral Excerpts One
    Vizzuti excercises
    Prayer of St. Gregory
    Kent Kennan Sonata

    Coming SOON:
    Tomasi... for solo competition
    Central Washington University
    Student of John Harbaugh

    Bach 37-25LR
    Getzen 3071C (soon to be Bach 229/25H)
    CKB 3C

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    What a great post. My stand always gets too much stuff on it, then falls down when I raise it up. Here's what is on there at the moment:

    Ken Slone 28 Modern jazz trumpet solos
    Freddie Hubbard "Birdlike" transcription
    Norris "top 50" excerpts
    Quiet City
    Bach Presto (violin partita thanks to David Baldwin)
    B minor mass tunes that I transpose for picc
    Clarke technical
    Chicowiz Flow studies, Northwestern course manual version
    Mahler 5 Ist complete part
    Bitshe Scarlatti variations
    Lew soloff transcription of Jordu
    Carl Saunders transcription - Stella by Starlight
    Dokshizer - Romantic Pictures
    Steve Rouse -- the Avatar
    Gibbons duets
    Franceschini sonata for 2 trpts in D.

    Then there's pile of literature sitting next to my music stand...
    "The right way is the easy way." Herbert L. Clarke

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    Why free lancing sucks

    I think I got them to postpone the encore to a concert where it made more sense. They wanted to do Harry James' Trumpet Blues and Cantabile after all this other legit stuff

    Now you have an idea of how much sense these people have.
    May the God of Israel, who is very real, and who sent the Messiah and the Savior that we so desperately need so that we can be reconciled to our Creator and live forever with the Three-In-One God, bless you today!

    We have to admit that there is nothing in the geological records that runs contrary to the views of conservative creationists."

    (Evolutionist Edmund Ambrose)

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    Northern New York
    Arban (always on the left side)
    Colin Advanced Lip Flexibilities
    Copies of:
    Zarathustra (something I copied out of the score for an audition)
    Ein Heldenleben (from the Strauss book)
    Bach Magnificat
    Posthorn Solo
    Practice log
    Space Filler TS
    Valve Oil
    Dr. Beat
    "Roses have thorns; shining waters mud. Clouds and eclipses stain the moon and the sun; and history reeks of the wrongs we have done. After today, after today, consider me gone."- Sting

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