Hello TM community,

This isn't my typical post or a commercial, but I just have to share with you about my buying experience.

I have purcahsed 2 new horns in the last year (lucky me); a Lawler flugel and a Romeo Adaci Referenz Bb. When I was looking for the right flugel, I wrote Felix at the NY Trumpet Company (http://www.newyorktrumpetcompany.com/horns.htm]) to ask for a professional opinion. He helped me with my decision, even though I didn't buy from him (and he knew I wasn't going to).

When I entered the market for a new trumpet this year, I went straight to Felix because of the way he treated me last year. Besides the fantastic horn he sold me, I have been so pleased and impressed with how he has conducted business. Fast response, excellent customer service and professional follow-up were all part of the equation.

I can't remeber the last time I've been treated so well, and it has been so exceptional that I wanted to share it with all of you.

If you are in the market for a new trumpet, I highly recommend that you talk to Felix. He speaks our langauge.

Best regards,