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Jazz: Arturo Sandoval (he can do it ALL) or "The Boss" (Herseth said that Maynard wasn't only the best trumpet player of all time, but the best BRASS player of all time...Now, that is saying something)

It may come as a shock to some of you...But, I have NEVER heard of Harry James before looking into this thread. I must admit that I'm intrigued by the acclaim as "The best trumpeter ever" by several of the posters in this thread, and by Doc. So, where can I find some of his recorded material? I'm really interested in hearing him.
Wow that really warmed my heart to hear Adolf say that :')! Anyway here are 2 of my favorite recordings of Harry.

YouTube - Harry James - Concerto for Trumpet (just great)
YouTube - Harry James plays 'Hora Staccato' by GrigoraÅŸ Dinicu