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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Why the 3rd valve slide? in the General forums; I use both slides....
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    Re: Why the 3rd valve slide?

    I use both slides.
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    Re: Why the 3rd valve slide?

    I much prefer the third valve slide, and when I play my Recording, the trigger mechanism. I have owned horns with the first slide saddles, and if I had to have something on the first valve slides, that would be my choice. I don't care for triggers, as I feel like they get in the way. My preference is to use my embouchure and lip it down. Not always possible.
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    Re: Why the 3rd valve slide?

    When I don't use the slides the horn sounds kind of funny anytime I play a note which uses 1 or 3. Kazoo-ish almost.
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    Re: Why the 3rd valve slide?

    Way back when I modded my Ambassador to play lead in a big band, I took the 3rd valve ring/bracket off (along with the spotty lacquer and the end bell brace). I didn't have the need for it...

    For my playing now, I prefer the 3rd slide for most intonation adjustments, but if the 3rd valve isn't involved, the 1st slide gets the work. All my horns that have a 3rd valve slide stop have the slide super easy to move - so easy that it would fall out without the stop.
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    Re: Why the 3rd valve slide?

    Just push them all out on a low C#...And if you want to make a low F# into a low F. Otherwise, I just pull out sometimes to prevent using pressure on some high notes where the slide really play no part, but reminds me not to press!

    Oh, and to tune a high "a" in hot humid weather I play it 3rd valve with the slide out.
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