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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Why the 3rd valve slide? in the General forums; Hello. It's been a while since I last posted here. I was just wondering why almost everyone uses the 3rd ...
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    Why the 3rd valve slide?

    Hello. It's been a while since I last posted here. I was just wondering why almost everyone uses the 3rd valve slide when getting the low D and C# to be in tune. Why not the 1st valve slide? Is there a specific reason for this? Isn't it easier to move your thumb than your ring finger, or is that just me?
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    Re: Why the 3rd valve slide?

    For me, it's just the way I learned. I'd been playing for 30 years before I had a horn with a 1st valve trigger and it always felt uncomfortable for me so I rarely used it. (I also no longer have the horn.) I will admit that going from 1-3- or 1-2-3 to 2-3 fingering combinations can be easier, but my slide works well and I have no complaints.
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    Re: Why the 3rd valve slide?

    I kick out the 3rd slide for D, and add some 1st slide for C#
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    Re: Why the 3rd valve slide?

    The fingerings of notes before and after the combination which requires the lengthened slide are less likely to use the 3rd slide than the first. Hence the 3rd slide can be extended before and retracted after the note rather than during it.
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    Re: Why the 3rd valve slide?

    There are a lot more trumpets out there with just the third valve finger ring or movement capability than ones with the first valve trigger. Maybe that's why it's more universally available. Everyone is on the same page, so to speak. Some trumpets don't even have the third valve ring.......Martin Committee I think is one of them.
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    Re: Why the 3rd valve slide?

    Gradually I got used to do mostly with the thumb : on my pocket trumpet, this moves the third slide, and on my Xeno, of course, the first one.
    I think I remember reading once that Rowuk was using more and more the first slide instead of the third one, but I may be wrong…
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    Re: Why the 3rd valve slide?

    I've always used the 3rd slide on my 900H since I got it new. It has a plastic stop that is adjustable so you can "set it and forget it". I also have the trigger but use it less. 3rd slide fixes any pitch issue and my slide is very fast.
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    Re: Why the 3rd valve slide?

    Do you guys use the third valve slide in certain situations, like slower passages? I try to use it as much as possible even during scale runs (especially in etudes) and a) it always seems to POP when I slide it back in and 2) by the time I've slid it out and in I'm on to the next note. And if I just leave it there a couple notes I find myself worrying about sliding it back in and so I end up flubbing other notes.
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    Re: Why the 3rd valve slide?

    For me, 2 reasons: I find it easier to move the 3rd slide, and what Ivan said.

    This trumpeter shows what I think is pretty good use of tuning slides:
    Brandt: Etude No. 15 for Trumpet - YouTube

    Some might say that this is at the limit of the note duration at which one should worry about slides, but it certainly sounds better for it.

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    Re: Why the 3rd valve slide?

    For myself I find it easier to use the third slide. For low C# I extend the slide at least twice as far as I do for low D. Doing this with the first slide is awkward. As far as popping, I move it really fast. I think of it as part of the fingering so it moves with the valves.
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