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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Why cornet for a beginning student? in the General forums; As far as I know, this kind of "slide helper" was already usual in the Renaissance. Have not seen those ...
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    Re: Why cornet for a beginning student?

    As far as I know, this kind of "slide helper" was already usual in the Renaissance.
    Have not seen those much in our times to be honest. Anyway, might be
    of great help.

    Back to topic:
    One could as well ask the question:

    Why the cornet for any comeback player, amateur, professional,
    brass band fan, jazz musician etc.?

    It is as simple as that: It is a great instrument with a unique tone and a long history, and fun to play!
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    Re: Why cornet for a beginning student?

    Hi Dale,

    no anti cornet bias from my side, rather simply the realization that cornets have unfortunately become more of a specialty axe rather than standard fare in schools all over the US. Higher, faster, louder is reality, also when junior band marching is part of standard fare. A Yamaha 2xxx or 4xxx trumpet is VERY light and VERY responsive and at very reasonable prices new or used.

    I would really appreciate a band teacher that favored cornets. The brass players would probably even get along with the woodwinds better.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dale Proctor View Post
    I detect a distinct anti-cornet bias here, bordering on trumpet-player delusions of superiority...

    Sure, all other things equal, a trumpet can play a bit LOUDER than a cornet, but there's more to playing an instrument than sheer volume. I gave my nephew a Conn Director cornet to play as a beginner and he's now first chair in the high school band. His dad just bought him a trumpet (probably peer pressure), but that old cornet didn't seem to stunt his development.
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    Re: Why cornet for a beginning student?

    Quote Originally Posted by tobylou8 View Post
    Conn Loyalist - Conn 88H G Bass
    Here's what it should resemble.
    This one is definitely a swivel mechanism, while what I saw was definitely a gimbal.

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    Re: Why cornet for a beginning student?

    My son wanted to play the trumpet today, but with the valves moving slowly, he gave up quickly. I noticed that he couldn't play as high, but the trumpet is definitely a lot louder. I much prefer to listen to him practice on the cornet. It's nicer on the ears.
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