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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Why there is no "Trumpet Christmas" in the General forums; AKA, "Christmas with Patrick Hession"....
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    Re: Why there is no "Trumpet Christmas"

    AKA, "Christmas with Patrick Hession".
    Stop acting like someone shot your dog.

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    Re: Why there is no "Trumpet Christmas"

    Oh man, laughing so hard. So appropriate right now, I was practicing 'O Holy Night' yesterday for a Christmas Eve service and thought, 'what if I take it up 8va on that last 'fall on your knees' part for full effect.' It was so hideously tasteless and inappropriate for that beautiful piece of music I nixed it immediately. But the sad thing is, many would love it.
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    Re: Why there is no "Trumpet Christmas"

    I belive that's the Tasteebros, no? AKA Scott Englebright and Donny Dyess. These two guys are hilarious, btw..... great players too.

    Here's the whole ting. I nearly pi**ed my pants the first time I heard it.
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    Re: Why there is no "Trumpet Christmas"

    Boy you should see the look of alarm on my Botti cat's face when I played that clip! She also reacts likewise when I'm practicing my altissimo notes on sax.

    Anyway, I'm practising hard everyday, and looking forward to the day when I can also have some fun like those screamers.

    Thanks for sharing the clip, it is a real riot, and a great motivator to practise harder!
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