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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Why the trumpet? in the General forums; I agree with others who say just work on getting a buzz out of the mouthpiece and then moving the ...
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    Re: Why the trumpet?

    I agree with others who say just work on getting a buzz out of the mouthpiece and then moving the pitch around somewhat. Get to where you can put the mouthpiece on your lips and with a moderate force of air consistently get a buzz. Then put the mouthpiece in and repeat.

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    Re: Why the trumpet?

    Quote Originally Posted by turtlejimmy View Post
    Playing both may be a great idea for the OP ..... One could become a favorite and take over or being able to double on those two instruments could bring twice as much work, when you turn pro. I think there's a few in here who play both.

    Then, you could have a wheelbarrow of luggage to carry to the gig:

    Soprano Sax
    Alto Sax
    Tenor Sax
    Baritone Sax

    Let me know when you get there, and I'll roadie for you.

    Btw, I think it's interesting to hear what instruments people consider harder than others. My friend at the music store, who has been helping me sort out my alto sax sfuff, told me the other day that he found saxophone a lot easier then banjo. The banjo doesn't seem that hard, but I don't play it. When I was looking for a drum teacher (got THE book and quit looking), one of them suggested to me that drums are much harder to learn than trumpet. I asked him what planet he was from. Needless to say, I'm not taking lessons from him.

    Yu pick up de stick, you grab de stick, and you whack the drum with it. What could be easier???

    What? You won't carry my contrabass sax for me? What kind of roadie are you? So hard to get good help these days.

    Anyway, I played percussion for a year. I found it very easy which is part of why I gave it up. There just wasn't that much challenge. You either hear the beat or you don't. If you don't hear the beat you're screwed right there. I've seen drummers that struggle with that. Maybe that's why they think it's hard? Beyond that, it's a matter of being creative with what you hit. Yeah, you can use different kinds of sticks or you can hit the heads in different ways and in different combos, but that's about it. It's not rocket science. At least not for me.

    I hadn't considered the idea of doubling on both instruments. The sax stand will take a trumpet peg. Maybe that's my answer.

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