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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Wilmer Quote. in the General forums; Music is not high jumping. There aint no best in music. The guy who plays the highest note aint the ...
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    All I can say is thank you.

    In some community bands I still see seventy year old players trying to out do the trumpeter next to him - a contest for how high and how loud.

    To call oneself a musician could be a mistake. To have someone else call you a musician could be a complement. And if it is true, then consider it an honor to have someone else call you a musician.

    For me, I'm still working the musician title.
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    I've been working on musicianship using a lyrical etude book by Phil Snedecore. It's nothing too difficult. It covers the practical range of the trumpet and only has a few 32nd notes. The average tempo is about 88 bpm for all the pieces. I can honestly say that I thought it would be a breeze. Once I really got into the book and was thinking of making some soundclips I realized just how much more work was required before they were recordable. Sometimes the simplest things can be very humbling, especially once you hear yourself recorded. Reading that quote really hit close to home for me and confirmed what I thought once I heard myself.
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