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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Wisdom Teeth Removal in the General forums; Originally Posted by trickg One one hand I agree with that. On the other, I have found some dentists to ...
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    Re: Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Quote Originally Posted by trickg View Post
    One one hand I agree with that. On the other, I have found some dentists to be a bit like car mechanics when it comes to dental work they say you "need" to have done.
    While that's probably gonna be true vast majority of the time, I think there still is danger in giving tips like those online, also as non-medical professionals. (If you are a medical professional, speak up!)

    But even then, it's still over the internets and there is always danger in anonymous tipping with health-related issues...

    But let me still say that I agree with your sentiments trickg! haha...
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    Re: Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Have to agree with Trick and Kirby. Many dentists pressure for it because it's good money. I found that out by talking to an honest dentist. There's this idea out there that when they grow in you get them out, period. That's not a good reason.

    I have all 3 of my wisdom teeth(one didn't grow) and they are at least at 45 degree angles from the rest of my teeth, but have plenty of space in my mouth, I have no pain and no shifting.

    When a dentist told me to get mine out I asked point blank,' why?' He gave me the, 'well, your teeth could shift.' Problem is, teeth don't shift overnight. If you are playing everyday and aware of your mouth/cavity space, you will know if something isn't right. Basically, he concurred that I could just wait until I ever notice it becoming a problem. It never has and I am 39.

    You haven't claimed any pain or anything else adverse from them.

    Now, IF there is impacting, pain, abscess or shifting(only you know your mouth), get them out but request a date after all those performances.
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