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If I were you I'd push it a bit further. The 'guy who repairs instruments' is probably not the same guy who would sign off on a replacement. I think you said this isn't a very old trumpet and the water was comfortable on your hands. Trumpets SHOULD be made to be bathed so I would think that you would have reason to complain and try to get some compensation. Contact the manufacturer directly as well. Complain to everyone the whole way up the chain. My wife's friend recently found a wood chip in a package of diapers and contacted the company (Pam....). They checked it out and then sent her a large quantity of new diapers, coupons, and an apologetic letter. Stuff sometimes happens during manufacturing and something gets out the door that shouldn't. Perhaps there was a problem with the lacquer application on your trumpet.
Very good point, I will email them today, (hopefully they will reply in English, being from France.....) if not I will give them a call and see try and push for a repair