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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Wynton Tonight! in the General forums; What an evening!!!! I thought we had good seats but being unfamiliar with venue I wasn't sure. Wynton may have ...
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    Thumbs up Wynton Tonight!

    What an evening!!!! I thought we had good seats but being unfamiliar with venue I wasn't sure. Wynton may have thought I was a Cheshire cat, we were basically in the front row on the left, The stage was 4 feet from my nose and the combo was maybe 12 feet away, I couldn't wipe the grin off my face. It was an memorable evening.He was a total class act and a gentleman, his guys were amazing, the piano player(Dan Nimmer) was unbelievable, as was the bass player(Carlos Henriques), the drummer was one of the best I've ever heard/seen(Ali Jackson), and the reed man was one of the best in the business(Walt Blanding)
    My wife enjoyed the night more than she (or I) thought she would too, it was just top drawer all the way
    What a country!!
    I highly recommend this show if you get a chance.
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    LCJO? Yep, that's a great show. I had the same response from my family when I took the kids and Mrs. up to Calgary to see them. It was worth the ticket price AND the 2 hour, late night drive home.

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